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About C.C.

Charlene ‘C.C.’ Tiffany combines the art of Asian brushpainting with florals and bold landscape designs creating an unexpected portfolio of work.

C.C. studied art and began painting in college. As a young woman, she began watercolor painting where her travels throughout the western U.S. and South America became some of the early inspirations for her work. Over time, her style evolved to reflect a love of the natural environment and appreciation of Asia, particularly rural and coastal China and scenes often not depicted in contemporary Asian art. This began her journey into Chinese brushpainting where with a deliberate and dedicated eye, she quickly learned the technique from a master instructor who say it often takes a lifetime to perfect what she’s mastered in just a few years. Through her continued visits to China, C.C. has become a dedicated student of the intricate technique.

A native New Yorker, C.C. has a Masters degree in Education and a Master of Science in Administration. She currently resides in Michigan.